Growing a business is about connecting with the right people, finding crucial resources, learning what you need to know and watching the bottom line. At MichBio, we know the players, the market and what it takes to succeed.

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Bioscience Company

Any legal entity in the research, development, manufacturing, sales and/or distribution of pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, medical devices/equipment, nutraceuticals, research products, informatics, bio-agriculture, bio-fuels, industrial biotechnology, etc.

Emerging Bioscience Company

Introductory membership rate for bioscience companies recently founded or that have begun operating within the past year.

Educational / Clinical

All accredited colleges, universities, institutes and K-12 as well as hospitals and/or clinical research facilities

Government / Nonprofit

All recognized federal, state, or local government bodies, any organization whose primary purpose is economic development and any other nonprofit institutions, professional and industry associations.

Manufacturer / Supplier

All suppliers of component parts(Tier 1,2,3…) or manufacturing services (heat, treat, plating, etc.) to bioscience OEMs or a higher tier in the supply chain. Companies manufacturing ad selling finished goods would be classified as a Bioscience Company.


(Service Providers)

Any entity providing supporting services to bioscience companies such as legal, accounting, facilities, construction/engineering, insurance, IT, regulatory/compliance, staffing/recruiting, venture/angel investing, communications/marketing/PR, etc.

Website & Newsletter Account (Nonmembers)

Allows nonmembers to receive MichBio newsletters and restricted access the MichBio website and certain event registration options.


Memberships are based on an organization's number of employees. Each employee of member company is considered a MichBio member and can participate in MichBio programs. Membership dues are as follows:

Total # of Employees Worldwide

Bioscience Company /
Education / Non-profit

(Service Provider)

500+ Employees $2,500 $3,000
301-500 Employees $2,000 $2,550
101-300 Employees $1,650 $2,200
76-100 Employees $1,320 $1,650
51-75 Employees $   880 $1,100
26-50 Employees $   660 $   880
11-25 Employees $   440 $   660
2-10 Employees $  275 $  440
1 Employee $  165 $  220




















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